5 SONGS Podcast – PT 1

I got to hang out and shoot the breeze with Jack Gallagher and Tommy Dunbar on their fantastic 5 SONGS Podcast. It’s an entertaining interview show where they invite their favorite Sacramento “celebrities” to bring in five important songs that fueled and formed their lives. The conversation can go in any direction and that makes it fun and surprising as each song leads to different stories, and memories, and shared experiences.

I had such a blast chatting about (and listening to) the songs that blew my mind as I was growing up, and how they influenced and changed my life!

The show lasted over an hour so I’ve broken it up into shorter sections. In Part 1, we discuss the magic of Les Paul, Mary Ford, and my dad’s radio career.

You can visit 5 SONGS.com and hear the whole interview, or check out other guests who have visited the show. Take a listen, I hope you enjoy going back in time…